ShopRunner Gifting is a new way to send gifts to your loved ones and make sure they get exactly what they want. You select the item you want to gift and they select their preferred size and color before it ships! Did we mention everything is shipped with ShopRunner Free 2-Day Shipping?


Where can I buy gifts?

Currently customers can buy gifts at our partner Brahmin. Look out for more stores in the future! 


When do I pay for my gift?

You pay for the gift after your gift recipient makes their gift selection and provides their shipping address. This makes sure you only get charged for exactly what your gift recipient selects!


What if the price of my gift changes between the time I select it and I have to pay for it?

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee any prices that are subject to expiration/change.


Can I use a promo code on a gift?

Not yet!


Will I be charged for my 1-year ShopRunner membership?

ShopRunner will not charge you after your free 1-year membership expires. Your account will go into an inactive state unless you reactivate it using any of activation channels.


Can I cancel/change my order?

If the gift has not yet been accepted/selected by the recipient, forward the request to the Gifting development team and we can cancel the gift. They can be reached at

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