Shipping Inquiries

Ordering on ShopRunner provides for free 2-day shipping. Shipping is only domestic, and free 2-day shipping is typically not available to some locations including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and some military bases.

Packages are shipped once the order is fulfilled, which is typically within 1 business day of placing your order with the store. Customized/personalized items may take longer to fulfill.

ShopRunner does not fulfill or ship any order. We enable you to utilize the benefits of your membership, but the store still handles all of the items you purchase.

If an item is out of stock or back-ordered, you should see this on the store’s website and receive updates from the store directly. These inventory issues can cause shipping delays as the store waits for the item to come back in stock.

Shipments can occasionally be delayed because of federal holidays or inclement weather. Stores in the ShopRunner network ship by FedEx or UPS, which only deliver on business days. 

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