ShopRunner Membership Promotions.

To be a ShopRunner member, there is an annual fee of $79.00. To obtain a free membership you may sign up through one of our following partners. Click to enroll

American Express

For further details, please visit our partner terms and conditions at

From time-to-time, we offer other promotional ShopRunner Memberships of varying durations, such as 3 months, 6 months or annual memberships, via other partnerships and initiatives.

For questions about your membership, please contact

Promotions on Store Sites

With some of the stores in our network, ShopRunner benefits cannot be used in conjunction with some promotional codes or sale events they may be running at that time. 

Promotion codes on District

At this time, District does not support promo codes. If you would like to use a code in conjunction with your ShopRunner benefits, try purchasing from a web browser. Some exclusions may apply.

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